Assam University Silchar B.A 1st Semester Economics (Honours) Question Paper-2012

Assam University B.A 1st semester Economics (Honours) Priveous year question papers

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TDC Odd Semester Examination, 2012




(1st Semester)


Course No:ECOH-101


(Micro Economies)


Full Marks: 5o

Pass Marks:17

Time : 2 Hours


The figures in the margin indicate full Marks for the question


Answer five question, taking one from each unit




  1. (a) Define microeconomics.                           4


(b) Write a few scope and uses of microeconomics theory.            3+3=6


  1. (a) Define Optimization.                     4


(b) Explain briefly on the three elements of optimization problem.         2×3=6 




  1. (a) What do you mean by demand function? Write down one linear demand function giving the names of the variables used.       3+1=4


(b) What is market supply? Express it in a functional form.             2+1=3


(c) Why does the supply curve generally slope upward to the right?      3


  1. (a) Define elasticity of supply. Distinguish between elasticity and slope of a supply curve.     2+3=6


(b) Prove that the elasticity of supply is equal to unity when the supply curve passes through the point of origin in a price quantity diagram.     5




  1. (a) Explain the concept of “indifference curve”.         4


(b) Derive the individual demand curve from an indifference curve.          6


  1.  (a) With the help of a diagram. Explain the breakup of the price effect into income effect and substitution effect through indifference curve in case of a fall in price.        5


(b) State “revealed preference hypothesis” with the assumption.          3+2=5


  1. (a) Distinguish between returns to a factor and returns to scale.        4


(b) Explain , with a diagram , the meaning of iso-product curve. Also show that iso-product curves never cut each other.         3+3=6 


  1.  (a) Write the general form of Cobb-Douglas (C-D) production function giving the meaning of the variables used. Why is the function names so?            2+2=4


8. (b) Prove the following :


(i) C-D production function is homogeneous of degree one.             


(ii)  Elasticity of substitution of C-D production function is equal to unity.               3+3=6




  1. (a) Explain why the short-run average cost (AC) curve is U shaped.            6


(b) Distinguish between actual cost and opportunity cost.                    4


  1. (a) Show that in imperfect competition when average revenue (AR) curve traces a straight line , the marginal revenue (MR) curve also lies on a straight line passes through the midpoint of the AR curve and revenue axis.      5


(b) Explain the relationship along AR,MR and price elasticity.                 5




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