Assam University Silchar B.A 6th Semester Economics Question Paper-2018

TDC Even Semester Examination


B.A 6th Semester-2018

Course No.: ECOP-601

Time: 2 Hours 

Full Marks:50

Pass Marks:17

The figures in the Margin indicate Full marks for the question


  1. Discuss the nature of rural unemployment problem in india. Suggest some important measures to solve the problem of rural unemployment.       5+5=10

  1. Briefly examine the magnitude of poverty in india. Explain the important causes of poverty in india.     5+5=10


  1. Analyse the recent trends in india’s foreign trade. How can the recent export promotion measures help to correct the mounting deficit of India’s balance of trade?      6+4=10

  1. (a) What are the major policy Changes introduced under the “Trade Policy, 1991     5

(b) Mention the same Key Features of the “New Foreign Trade Policy, 2015-20”.         5


  1. (a) Distinguish between revenue expenditure and capital Expenditure of government Budget.     2

(b) What are the main features of the latest Indian Union Budget?  5

(c) Should the indian Government increase the fiscal deficit to push economic growth?      3

  1. What do you mean by black money? Write some adverse effects of black money. How far has the demonetization policy become successful in controlling the black money in india?     2+4+4=10


  1. (a) Discuss the role of cooperative bank in india.        6 

(b) Mention various Functions performed by Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of india(ICICI).              4

  1. (a) Discuss the objectives of the Reserve Bank of india.     6

(b) Write a note on the performances of the development Bank in India.      4


  1. (a) What are the reasons for Growing non-performing assets ( NPAs) in Indian Banking Sector?     5

(b) Write a note on Mission Indradhanush (2015), launched by the Government of india to resolve the problems faced by the public sector banks.       5


  1.  (a) Explain Various instruments of the money market.      5

(b) Describe the main features of the indian money market.      5


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